1 year, 250k words, one bittersweet ending.

I just finished writing the last words of From Winter’s Ashes just about an hour ago. Look for the new chapter to go up on Friday.

It’s been a long, good year, and Keith and I are proud of the work we’ve done, and the story we’ve told.

There’s much more to tell of it, much more we’d like to talk about and show and bring readers into our world with. And maybe in the future we will.

We’ll be publishing the story to ebook soon, and we hope that those of you who’ve followed along, read, and enjoyed the story, will support us in our future work.

Thanks for reading. It’s time for a little (well-earned) break.

Back soon!

– Patrick


7 thoughts on “1 year, 250k words, one bittersweet ending.

  1. Seriously? You guys wrote one of the best web fictions available online in just one year?! *whistle* Honestly, it felt alot longer.
    My hats’ off to you two, RocheFort and DizMuses, for ushering us readers through one of the most exiting fantasy journeys of all time.

    Enjoy your break, and hope to see you guys again real soon!


    • Keith and I are currently in rewriting the book (it needed it) and are pushing forward. I anticipate publishing of the ebook by May, with any luck.

      Book 2 will begin probably somewhere in June or July, but there will be updates between now and then. Currently writing an interstitial story!


    • Yes it does! Keith and I are working hard, our goal is to have it finalized by July, along with the start of From Spring’s Storms.

      In the next few weeks, you’re going to see some of the posted chapters get edited and changed to reflect the rewrites which, I assure you, are much for the better for the flow and prose of the story.


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