Laika Dosha is a go! — “Tak Laika prinosit vam domoy.”

“Laika Dosha” is a go. Plotting and structure work began today, and I’m starting to marshal my resources. Artists, you can expect your RFQ in the next few days.

An excerpt, subject to a dramatic amount of change between now and release:

The young man’s chin quivered. “Two hundred years ago, they sent a dog into space, named Laika. My teacher said it was a mean thing to do. I don’t think so. I think we put Laika there first. Because wherever there’s a dog, man is never alone.”

It was the Russians who started carrying dog biscuits up with them, after orbital space cleared of debris once again. They were slipped into bodybags, or taped down in escape pods, little offerings to Laika to help a man find home again, alive or dead. When the next man died in orbit twelve years later, the world caught the first funeral in space live on camera. Billions of people saw the dog biscuit slipped into the dead man’s hand, and heard the murmur of the mission commander: “Tak Laika prinosit vam domoy.”

So Laika brings you home.


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