From Winter’s Ashes

From Winter’s Ashes

A Detective with nothing to lose, against a Necromancer with a world to gain.

For those of you joining me, thanks for stopping by. Myself and Keith Aksland are the authors of From Winter’s Ashes, a fantasy noir serial. It tells the story of the Church Knight Heather Blackthorne, and her quest for justice (or revenge?) upon the necromancers responsible for the murder of her husband and son.

The web serial is expected to enter into weekly publication by July 2015, and chapter length aiming for 5k-9k as the story requires.

We’re pleased to bring you Heather Blackthorne’s story of devastation, revenge, and redemption. Watch this space and +follow us to be alerted every time we post another chapter.

Want to support us? +follow us and spread the word to your friends and fellow readers. Vote for us on!


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